Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves

I was born and raised on the Windward side of Oahu.  I grew up in a close-knit family that instilled in me the values of commitment, integrity and trust. 

My mother Cynthia was a role model showing me the importance of community involvement and volunteering.  My Father Mickey was a role model showing me what it meant to be a Builder and a Small Businessman.  From an early age 

I was always doing something on a jobsite and went on to work full time in my father’s business during my summer breaks.  Eventually after college I came to work for him full time as a Project Manager and Office Manager.  My Dad instilled in me the belief in working hard, following through on commitments and being responsive to others.  Most importantly he taught me to be honest and accountable.  He would always say “Your reputation will follow you wherever you go”.

Eventually I decided to strike out on my own and create my own business.  I founded Complete Construction Services in 2001 and

I started with almost nothing.  I had no employees and did hands on construction work by day and my office work in my living room by night.  I did very small repair and remodeling projects.  Through hard work and dedication over the last 19 years I built my business into one of the most successful and well-regarded Home Building and Remodeling Contractors on Oahu, along the way winning multiple awards and recognition for my work including the 2019 Builder of the Year.  I’m proud of these accomplishments, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the lessons I learned working for my Dad.

While I have always volunteered my time as an advocate I have also maintained a healthy level of involvement in my community in other ways.  I have volunteered to coach children’s athletics, participated in community clean-ups, and sponsored events to support

non-profits.  My favorite way of giving back to the community though is by being involved in building something.  The best example of this is the magnificent playground structure in Aikahi built in 2009.  I got involved in helping a group of Boy Scouts working on their Eagle Scout badges.  Their project was to remove the remains of the old playground.  I assisted by helping them get roll-off containers and paying my employees to supervise and assist them.  This lead me to get involved in the new playground building process, where I was able to do all site prep for the construction.  This included grading, drainage and digging about 100 three-foot deep holes for structural posts.  I was so proud of my involvement that I went on to serve for one year as Playground Maintenance and Clean-up Chair.

Throughout all of this I have been blessed with being able to call Windward Oahu my home for almost all of my life. 

I am delighted by the fact that my kids can grow up in this special place too, but I wonder if they will be able to make it here as adults.  I know that with today’s cost of living

I could not have.  We owe it to all kids to find a better way and to give them a chance to continue to call this special place Home.

Through out this time my mothers example inspired me to “get involved” and volunteer my time to make things better in Hawaii. 

I started advocating for small business issues and was eventually appointed to serve on the Small Business Regulatory Relief Board

by Governor Ben Cayetano in 1996.  As a member of this group I

was part of drafting a law that was passed and created the Small Business Regulatory Review Board that still exists to this day.  Eventually my advocacy lead me to join my local Home Builders Association the BIA of Hawaii.  This is when my advocacy began to evolve from strictly Small Business to Housing.  As I became more involved in the association, I became more involved in its leadership until I was eventually elected President in 2013.  This also lead me to become active at the National level with the National Association of Home Builders.  I started serving on their Board of Directors in 2013.  Eventually I was elected to serve as the State Representative for Hawaii and then the National Area Chair representing both Hawaii and California.  This is an honor only two other Home builders from Hawaii have ever achieved.  Because of this involvement I have lobbied for Housing at the City, State and National levels. 

I understand the roadblocks impeding Housing and how to clear them.

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