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As a former teacher, State Legislator, Member of Congress, and Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, I understand what it means to effectively represent a constituency and advocate for small businesses. Small businesses are the economic core of our communities; their health and success are critical to our immediate and sustained economic strength, particularly when recovering from disasters such as the current pandemic. Greg Thielen understands this well, as attested to by his decades as both a successful small businessman and an effective leader of small business advocacy groups. He represents the leadership we need to help us rebuild our economy and our communities.

—  The Honorable Pat Saiki

     Former Member of Congress

Greg Thielen's success as a small business owner and home builder is founded on critical skills and insights which will serve us well on the Council: keeping projects on budget, streamlining operations for efficiency, a keen eye for what works (and what doesn't work) in government processes, and a deep commitment to transparency, integrity, and open communication.

—Governor Linda Lingle

BIA Hawaii teaches Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training (PACT) for YouthBuild, an organization providing alternative education to young adults without a high school diploma. Greg Thielen served as one of our instructors for many classes. Going beyond the nuts and bolts of a subject, Greg was also passionate about motivating these young men and women. He showed them they could have a successful future in the construction industry. We need more people in Government like Greg, people that care and are personally motivated to help others.

—  Barbara Nishikawa Education Director, Building Industry Association Hawaii

I have worked with Greg Thielen for many years, in fact as he was considering leadership at The National Association of Home Builders I encouraged him because he brought so
much to the table. I watched Greg for years participate and learn and then influence the policies we created as a national association, always representing his home state and the larger geographic area he led. He was able to discern the issue and work with others across the table with different viewpoints and help shepherd a solution. He is thoughtful, articulate and ready to advocate for what is right. He will represent his constituents in the
same manner. Greg will be a strong leader and voice on the City Council. I encourage
your support.

—  Ed Brady President/CEO

The Home Builders Institute

We are lucky to have a person of Greg’s character and background running for City Council.  He is a
strong but compassionate leader- willing to work hard by placing the needs of the community first.  I
am happy to support Greg as I know he will make Kailua a safe and resilient place now and for
future generations.

—  Claudine Tomasa,

Windward Community Volunteer & Organizer

When I needed help making improvements to the City & County of Honolulu's Ewa Beach Skatepark, I knew I could call on Greg Thielen to step up and help.  From
coordinating with the City and designers, to building skate obstacles on his own dime, Greg volunteered his time and skill to help provide the community with a fun and safe
resource.  As Councilman, he’ll bring that same dedication and heart, to representing us and our needs.

—  Chuck Mitsui, Owner

808 Skate

Greg Thielen comes from good stock. I've known his mom, Rep. Cynthia Thielen, for 30 years and like her, he’ll listen and he’ll follow through. And like me, he’s successfully built a small Windward business founded on quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction and local reputation. Bringing all these priorities to the City Council, I know he’ll be a great voice for Windward residents.

—  Puna Nam, Small Business Owner

Cinnamon’s Restaurant in Kailua

As the owner of a successful residential construction firm, Greg Thielen would bring a fresh and unique perspective to the office of City Council. A passionate advocate of affordable housing at both the local and national levels, Greg knows what it takes to bring a project in on time and on budget – key issues that the City Council must deal with on an ongoing basis. Greg will fight the good fight to promote the needs of Hawaii’s citizens. An able and effective leader, Greg has the talent, vision and experience to create consensus and achieve results. He will bring these qualities to the job of Councilmember and work tirelessly and effectively to serve the needs of his constituents.

—  Jerry Howard CEO, National Association of Home Builders

As a small business owner, Greg Thielen has years of experience knowing what is necessary to succeed in Hawaii. I trust that Greg Thielen will bring these qualities to the City Council where this type of talent and commitment are needed. I believe his common sense approach to problem solving and his communication skills are both effective and fair. I look forward to casting my vote for Greg, with an understanding that he will serve the people of the Windward side with the same effort and tenacity he has shown for decades as a successful small business owner.

—  Jana Holden 

Kailua Resident and Business Owner

I have known Greg for a long time and think he would be a great Councilman. I like his business background, particularly his work in building homes, and his history of volunteering in our Windward community. He certainly understands the inefficiencies and frustration with City
government, and I know he will work to make good changes.

-Shirley Hasenyager

Kailua Resident

I am proud to announce my endorsement of Greg Thielen for City Council. I have known Greg Thielen for many years. He is a smart, honest and capable leader. Please join me in supporting and voting for Greg.

—  Ken Ito Ed.D

     Former State Legislator, District 49

Greg Thielen is eminently qualified to represent us in this very important role in our community.

—  Andrew Keli‘ikuniaupuni Poepoe

16-year member of Honolulu City Council

State House of Representatives for Windward Oahu

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