I was asked a question the other day that took me by surprise.  I was asked how I would manage my business and fulfill my responsibilities on the City Council.  The question was a surprise because I assumed people knew the answer to that question is I can’t.  First off both are full-time jobs and trying to do both would mean neither would be done right.  More importantly my business interacts with the City all the time.  It is part of the reason I am so well prepared to serve on the Council.  Being in a position of authority in City Government while running a Home Building business would be unethical and that is something I would never do.  That is why when I chose to run for Council, I knew it meant closing my business down if elected. For the last 19 years I have owned and operated Complete Construction Services.  When I started, I had nothing but my tools and my truck.  I built it up from nothing to be

one of the most well-regarded custom Home Building and Remodeling companies on Oahu.  As any Small Business owner can tell you, you don’t just invest your money and your future, you also invest your heart and soul.  As I debated the choice of whether or not to seek this office, this was the hardest part of my decision: knowing that I would have to walk away from what I created.  I do not do this lightly.  I believe I have a responsibility to this community and its future.  I choose to accept and embrace that responsibility and, if elected, close this long and meaningful chapter of my life as a Home Builder.

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