COVID's Silver Lining

There is an old expression that every cloud has a silver lining.  The Covid cloud is a hurricane of destruction that has wreaked havoc upon the physical, social and economic health of our community.  Nevertheless it is still important to see the silver lining within.  Some obvious ones are a healthier natural environment, reduced traffic and a slower pace of life.  There are lessons to be learned from these silver linings that we need to carry forward into our economic recovery.  This story highlights a silver lining that we also can not afford to overlook.  The Government demonstrated the ability to quickly set up an important facility for helping the homeless community.  More importantly they were flexible enough to allow the facility to evolve from it’s original simple intent into a broader and more successful program.  The Temporary Quarantine Isolation Center or TQIC (pronounced T-quick) opened in late March.  Keep in mind the Government issued stay at home order was issued in late March.  It took this coalition of public and private partnership weeks to open this facility.  That’s right weeks.  Not years, no studies were done, no lengthy drawn out process, just swift and decisive action.  What followed the opening is even more impressive.  What started as a “quarantine and isolation” center evolved into a “crisis stabilization center”.  Government has a tendency to resist flexibility.  What is a quarantine and isolation center can’t be used for other purposes is the response I would have expected.  Instead this coalition used the opportunity to provide a variety of services to the individuals in TQIC that resulted in many positive outcomes for our society as well as those individuals.  Solving problems like homelessness seems hopeless and daunting as it’s too big and difficult to tackle.  TQIC proves otherwise.  It is a silver lining of Covid and this is one of those silver linings we need to carry with us into our recovery. 

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